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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tomorrow Corporation

Well, here it is. I recently commented on them, and figured I'd share a little about the Tomorrow Corporation.

TC is another Indie Game studio consisting of Kyle Gabler, Allan Blomquist, and Kyle Gray.

Anyway, Why am I telling YOU this? Why not? Like I always say "SLAMACOW!" but I also say other random things. What was I going on about? Why not tell you about TC? We're both Indie Gamers. If you comment, remember to leave your blog so others can find you, and you become popular!

There first game hasn't even been announced yet, but I'll still check up and let you know.

UPDATE ON THE GAME: Music is going well, Jack's outdoing himself. Pictures are comming together, including my goldfish named Jimmi. He's mah friend...

-Paul [is not where your heart is]

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