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Monday, May 3, 2010

Leaking more of the game

Somewhere along, I promised I'd tell you guys (or rather, guy, as it seems only my friend Atlan has commented so far) more about the game.


BUT! what I can tell you is that it will be a 2D Sidescrolling game, and epic, and other things, and it may be on WiiWare, Playstation Network (you can get games off of there, can't you?) and X-BOX Live. And DSiWare. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Actually, don't smoke, it really will kill you, I have evidence.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tomorrow Corporation

Well, here it is. I recently commented on them, and figured I'd share a little about the Tomorrow Corporation.

TC is another Indie Game studio consisting of Kyle Gabler, Allan Blomquist, and Kyle Gray.

Anyway, Why am I telling YOU this? Why not? Like I always say "SLAMACOW!" but I also say other random things. What was I going on about? Why not tell you about TC? We're both Indie Gamers. If you comment, remember to leave your blog so others can find you, and you become popular!

There first game hasn't even been announced yet, but I'll still check up and let you know.

UPDATE ON THE GAME: Music is going well, Jack's outdoing himself. Pictures are comming together, including my goldfish named Jimmi. He's mah friend...

-Paul [is not where your heart is]

A Whole New Game

It's that time of programming again!

The part where we, you know, start... Anyway, I'm starting to finish to create the storyboard. it's going well, actually... It should be done soon, then I'll scan it and upload it. I finally have a motto for our company, in other news:

"The Game isn't about gore. It's about a fun, awesome and TOTALLY RIGHTEOUS TIME; HOOHA!"

Maybe it could use some work. I'm getting pictures done for it, and the credits part of the game. It's going good...


Hello, World!

Well, if that isn't the most used title in the whole world. Anyway, I'm (Paul) here to tell you of an AMAZING new Indie Game company known as

Verbigeration Studios....

And our goal is to create the best/creative/fun/whatever-the-hell-else-you-want-to-call-it games on the freeware market. Most of out games will be free, until we want to deal with all that legal Mumbo-Jumbo.

Well, here it is. I feel pretty damn confident about it too.